Paribu will remain closed for 1 hour today


The cryptocurrency exchange Paribu will close trading for an hour today due to maintenance work.

The crypto exchange will be suspended for an hour today due to maintenance work at Paribu.

In the official statement made on the stock exchange, “A planned maintenance work will be carried out on the Paribu infrastructure at 06:00 on Monday, 3 August. During the maintenance work, which is planned to take approximately 1 hour, transfer operations will be held on the Paribu website and mobile application, while market operations will be closed. During this period, our Support Unit will continue to serve our users. ” The statement said.

Pariba transaction volume and number of users with one of the biggest crypto-currency exchange in Turkey. With the advent of the global Bitcoin over 12 thousand dollars in the market in Turkey market trading volume record being broken, the Paribu 445 million pounds in the 24-hour trading was done.

Meanwhile Pariba and according to research conducted by Akademetre and the results published recently, Turkey, the percentage of crypto currency dealings with the level of 0.7 percent. In the same research, it was concluded that there is a huge mass who does not hear the concept of Bitcoin.

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