Paribu Supports Responsibility Projects


In a world where millions of people have problems in many issues such as hunger, poverty, difficulty in accessing clean water and qualified education; Taking part in social responsibility projects often means a lot.

In this sense, while many meaningful projects were organized in our country and the grievances of the needy were met; Paribu, one of the leading domestic crypto money exchanges, has also done its part and has been involved in many social responsibility projects to date.

Pariba of which contribute to Turkey’s leading social responsibility platform; Now it continues its international aid activities in line with a global target. Based on the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals” text published in January 2016, in the article published on their blog page Paribulog on September 10, 2020, it is we are taking steps in the international arena as well as in Turkey. ” Paribu said, took action in this sense.

Contribution to Social Responsibility Projects in Turkey
Paribu, the domestic crypto currency exchange, by taking concrete steps to combat poverty; He stated that they exhibited an example of solidarity with the Ahbap Platform, one of the most reliable associations in this sense, and they have made regular donations to the association since 2018. In addition, the stock exchange provided assistance to people in need for basic needs during surgery, treatment, accommodation, funeral, prosthesis and pandemic periods with the platform’s 12 campaigns.

On the day celebrated as the traditional Bitcoin Pizza day, Paribu donated the budget allocated to that day to four families in need of help on the AHBAP platform.

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TOG Donations for Qualified Education

Paribu emphasizes the importance of qualified education for children and young people in our country in his blog posts; In this direction, he noted that as a company, we helped TOG (Community Volunteers Foundation).

It was stated that in addition to donations on special occasions such as Women’s Day, Paribu donated to TOG on behalf of the participants at press conferences and sectoral meetings and that TOG’s donation certificates were given to the participants.

Stating that the cultural and artistic activities of children and young people should be a part of quality education, Paribu stated that they also sponsored the platform called İKSV Alt Kat.


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