Parents 9-1-1: A Single Actor Who Died of an Overdose Speaks Out, Hoping That “Our Story Can Save Others”


A few months after the promising 9-1-1 event: Lone Star graduate Tyler Sanders was found dead at his home in Los Angeles, details about the cause of death were announced. After the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner reported that an 18-year-old teenager died due to an accidental drug overdose while using fentanyl, his parents speak out and hope that his story can save others.

David and Grace Sanders, parents of Tyler Sanders, gave a statement to E! News about their belief that their son used drugs not for entertainment, but rather to cope with his depression. His mother explained that, like other families in such a situation, they “never thought this could happen” to them and that Sanders had a “strong support system.”

Despite this, she said that he was never able to successfully overcome his “constant depression”, which led to his accidental overdose and death. While Sanders suffered from depression, his mother Grace added, he tried to make sure that others did not feel the same. She said:

Perhaps because of his depression, Tyler was looking for deep connections and bringing joy to others. While Tyler was quietly struggling with his inner battles, outwardly he was determined to make sure that no one felt the same as him. Tyler loved the Lord, loved people, and did his best every day. We sincerely pray that our story can save others.

Tyler Sanders apparently tried not to show hints of depression and “quietly” fought “internal battles,” and perhaps this is evident from his Instagram page. Sanders has a lot of photos of him doing funny things, wearing beautiful outfits and hanging out with other actors. Sanders was smiling in this May post, in which he poses in a Lamborghini and hangs out with the talented Jordan Fisher from The Flash:


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Tyler Sanders (@tylermsanders)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

 When the young actor wasn’t working on the set of Rob Lowe’s “9-1-1: Lone Star” or Nathan Fillion’s “Newcomer,” dad David Sanders explained that his son Tyler was “actively seeking treatment” for depression. Although he sought treatment, Sanders eventually began “experimenting with drugs.” TMZ reported that the coroner stated that Sanders had been abusing drugs and had in the past used mushrooms, heroin, cocaine and LSD in addition to fentanyl. It is reported that Sanders texted a friend about using fentanyl the night before his death and did not answer his friend’s phone calls after the message.

Of course, it’s sad to hear the story of Tyler Sanders, when the career of a promising young actor and the life of a young man ended so early. Unfortunately, dealing with drug use and mental health is not uncommon in Hollywood. A number of actors, from Philip Seymour Hoffman to Heath Ledger, have died of drug overdoses, and the same problem exists outside of the acting world. The Sanders family is doing their part to save others from the same fate as their son, and hopefully others will take their story as a cautionary tale.

CinemaBlend expresses its unwavering condolences to the family of actor Tyler Sanders as they continue to mourn their son at the end of the year. We hope that by spreading information about their son’s problems, they will be able to inspire others to seek treatment for any problems they are going through.


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