Parental control on Star Disney +: how it works


Although its IP-based content such as Star Wars, Marvel, and the entire arsenal of Disney and Pixar classics have already given it a flattering position within the crowded VOD or On-Demand sector, Disney knows this is a long-distance race. And for this reason, seeking to anticipate the tastes of his audience, he decided to incorporate more material for those great forgotten children’s content: Adults.

Disney + Star

As of today, within Disney + is the new Star platform, which unlike Disney + content for a maximum of +14 years, has series and movies with different ratings that reach +18 years. Here we tell you how much the new service will cost you per month, and its catalog of 300 titles. And now we are going to teach you how to use parental controls to access them.

How Star works

This will happen when from now on you enter Disney +

When you log in, the platform will give you the option to view Star’s content
You must follow a previous configuration process: you have to give permission to view the entire catalog, with the content rating changed to +18 years.
You can choose the Complete Catalog, or the Not Now option to continue viewing only the content +14 years.
If you choose Complete Catalog, you will have to create a 4-digit Pin with which to unlock the Disney + parental control in that profile. If you have several profiles, you will be able to customize which ones and which ones cannot access to see the +18 content.
And that’s it: with this you will have access to the Star content.
With the PIN created, no one who does not know it will be able to access Star series and movies. If, on the other hand, you only had a profile on Disney + and you have given them permission to access Star, you can create another child-type profile to limit this access:

Child profile on Disney +
1- Open your profile on Disney +

On a Smart TV: Expand the navigation bar
In the mobile app: It’s in the lower right
In a web browser (on a desktop or laptop): It’s in the upper right
2- Select Add Profile
3- Select a character icon for your profile
4- Enter a profile name.
5- Activate the Child profile parameter (link). (You should move it to the right).
6- Select SAVE (Save)


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