Parcoursup: what will happen for high school students?


Parcoursup has just opened its doors. High school students will therefore have until March to find. And new products are emerging.

The high school students have just been on vacation. And soon, they will have to make their wishes for next year on Parcoursup. Terminals will therefore have to choose their orientation. And it’s not easy this year. So what’s new?

The platform has just opened on Monday, December 21. And high school students will be able to offer their first wishes. Of course, these will only be final in March. But we must not waste time. But this year, major novelties.

Because yes, this year the Baccalaureate marks will be taken into account on Parcoursup. Whereas until now the students knew where they would go next year without having passed the Bac. They could, subject to obtaining the Bac, of course.

But this year things are changing. With the new Bac formula, the first diploma exams arrive in March. The notes of these evaluations will therefore be on the file and will be taken into account by the schools. And that will play a primary role.


As you know, this year high school students are testing the new Bac formula. And the events are spread throughout the year. Higher education establishments will therefore be able to consult these ratings to make their choice. They are therefore essential, it will be necessary to pass these evaluations.

But another novelty: there will be a lot more training available this year on Parcoursup. Indeed, they will not be less than 17,000. Much more choice therefore for this rather special year. And that’s not bad!

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As a new training we therefore find an access route to a veterinary school. But that’s not all, Sciences Po is finally on the list of establishments on Parcoursup. Training therefore more accessible to all. A novelty that should please many high school students.


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