Parcoursup: Top 15 funniest high school tweets on Twitter!


The high school students are not at the end of their sentence! Faced with the admissions phases on Parcoursup, they react tit for tat on Twitter …

Parcoursup is a great inspiration to Twittos, after all. Yes, on Twitter, Internet users do not hesitate to laugh rather than cry, facing their future. So here’s the best of the worst high school tweets on the Little Blue Bird platform!

The high school students do not seem at all reassured about their future. Indeed, the year 2020 marks a difficult year for future high school graduates, who live on a roller coaster …

Between the bac reforms and the Covid-19 which threatens the courses, not so easy to project. Including for those who are about to make their choices on Parcoursup, successor to APB.

So it’s no wonder that young Internet users are having a blast on Twitter. To each his reaction and his little humor.

Tweets are legion, all in all and everyone is going with their little comment. Also not hesitating to take pictures from BFM TV, their favorite series and animes or memes of all kinds.

Disappointment, apprehension, anger and grumbling of high school students … Here are the reactions all funnier than the others about the Parcoursup platform.


There are of course those who try at all costs to escape Parcoursup. As with this meme, which the character tells us he’s setting sail on!

Of course, that’s not the only reaction we’ve had, far from it. “Go subscribe to ParcoursTup,” read a tweet revealing a BFM TV capture of the salaries of cannabis traffickers.

We also review the famous iconic Drake meme. A smart kid also joked fans of the BTS band, “K-Pop fans when they go see they’re not stuck in any BTS.”

Others react to those who post random wishes on the platform. Among these was a joke made at BTS art and “northern folk” shows, showing people in disguise at a medieval festival.

In addition to these reactions after all, very hilarious, we also discover images of Koh-Lanta, Kamelot or even shopping queens diverted in all directions.

“There is no place for amateurs here”; “Chic to fail with all your wishes”, we read for example on some of these tweets mentioning the closure of Parcoursup. In short, reactions abound.

“All of us now”, we read elsewhere. A reaction followed by a video of Grace Mbizi, pissed off that her favorite store is closed.

“Is it closed? Mash potatoes ! Oh my … “she exclaims in front of the closed doors. So that’s a meme that sums up how young people see their future right now.


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