Parcoursup: the 5 traps to avoid if you want to find training!


The @ up2school_bac Instagram account unveiled the 5 traps to avoid in order for students to find training on Parcoursup!

Since December 21, the Parcoursup site has been open to students. This January 20, it is now possible to register to create their student file, express their wishes and express their motivation for training.

On the other hand, there are some pitfalls to avoid to be sure to find a course on Parcoursup. It was the @ up2school_bac Instagram account that alerted students to the wrong mistakes.

First of all, remember that as soon as “you accept training on Parcousup, you automatically refuse other training”. Be careful not to accept training on a whim.

The 2nd trap to avoid: “Each time a new admission offer is made, you must check the pending wishes again. That is, the ones you want to keep “.


There is a third trap to avoid on Parcoursup. Indeed, you must answer “within 4 days, then within 2 days to all training”. For trap 4, be very careful, it concerns school.

“If a school says yes, but you expect a more interesting answer, put the school on hold. And wait for the news from the school of your dreams! “. Finally, there is one last mistake to avoid on Parcoursup.

Remember, you can only accept one wish. However, you can totally put several wishes on hold. Also, you can express your wishes on March 11, which is the last day so be careful.

In April and May, the commission will examine your file. And she will make a choice. From May 27, you will receive answers. It is from there that you will have to validate the training you want.

The last day to accept your training on Parcoursup will be July 16.


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