Parcoursup: how to make wishes to enter university?


The obstacle course will start on January 20 for future graduates! Here are some tips for the wishes on Parcoursup.

Parcoursup may have seemed like an angst for some … But the platform can quickly get on your side if you use it well! So here are some tips for making your vows for college.

Because university is one of the regular choices for those who graduate. General baccalaureate, professional baccalaureate: everyone can enter it … But not just anyhow. You have to select where you want to go.

It might sound silly, but Parcoursup only gives you ten wishes max. You must therefore choose well, and multiply your chances if necessary. It may therefore be practical to do a heavy skimming.

Indeed, if only an English license can please you, increase your chances by only asking for English licenses. Also remember to reserve a vow of safety for yourself, in case the first pass you by.

It doesn’t sound like that, but 10 wishes goes really fast. Parcoursup can quickly prove to be a hassle. Typically, in law or in STAPS, if your course is not quite suitable, the galley begins …


Students are on the waiting list for a very long time. Some universities, too busy, operate a huge sorting of files … It is therefore not uncommon to find yourself a little dumped.

From January 20 to March 11, it will therefore be necessary to make the first wishes on Parcoursup. After a few days to finish the case, the verdict will fall on May 27. After that, we’ll have to decide!

“Yes”, you are going to college. “Yes, yes”, you go too. But with a course adapted to learn all the basics of the license you are targeting. On the waiting list, we will therefore have to wait a bit …

Phase 1 of Parcoursup ends on July 16. The 14th will thus be the last date when you will have new proposals… Otherwise, you have to go back to square one, with the complementary phase, from June 16 to July 16 with 10 new wishes to send!


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