Parasite comes to Netflix, know some curiosities of the film


The movie Parasite gained worldwide recognition and you can now watch it on Netflix. September came with incredible surprises in the Netflix catalog and Parasite is one of them, as of today, this Bon Joon Ho tape is now available on the streaming platform and you can watch it as many times as you want.

But if you have loved this movie since its premiere, we invite you to know some curiosities of the award-winning Korean film. This data will help you better understand the film and discover that even the smallest details have a reason for being.

Parasite was released in October 2019 and received nominations in important film awards around the world, what is the magic behind this film? Keep reading and you will find out.

Tell us if you have seen this movie and what you liked the most about this movie. If you are looking for other things to see within Netflix this month, we will also tell you about other premieres of the platform.

  • The film in which Bon Joon Ho criticizes social class was shot in just 77 days. The production and the actors put a lot of effort so that each scene was as the director had envisioned it.
  • The house in the movie was designed in such a way that it could represent important elements in the story and thus play an important role within the movie. Thus, this site can tell part of the story by itself, becoming a character.
  • Actor Song Kang Ho and Bon Joon Ho have worked on other projects together, so Bong thought of him while writing the script for Parasite.
  • The Korean name of this film is Ki Saeng Chung, which is why the main family shares the surname Ki.
  • Bong Joong Ho gave private lessons for a wealthy family, this served as an inspiration to write the script for Parasite, as he confessed that he sometimes felt like an intruder because he was perceived as someone out of place.
  • Parasite is the first South Korean film to be awarded the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • Bon Joon Ho’s father collected rocks, so he wanted to include this element as part of the analogy that the plot tells. In this story the rock is a magical element that in the end is part of the misfortune that the family faces.
  • During this film, the director paid tribute to Hitchcok with some gestures shown in some scenes, since Bon Joon Ho is a great admirer of his work.
  • It took Bon Joon Ho 3 1/2 months to write the final script for Parasite.
  • To promote this film, the strategy of not offering much information about the film to the public as part of the previews was used, as this would arouse people’s curiosity.
  • The college logo they fake at the beginning of the film is the school where Bon Joon Ho studied.
  • Parasite received 6 nominations for the 2020 OSCAR ceremony.
  • The portrait that Da Song made and that his family has hanging next to his photographs is a portrait of the man who lives in the basement.
  • The film shows shots where the camera scrolls up and down and up, this depends on which scene is being shown. If it is a scenario in the house of the poor family, the shot will go from top to bottom and, if it is in the upper class house, the shot will go from the bottom up, representing that they could climb in their social level.
  • Actor Park Seo Joon, who this year premiered the drama Itaewon class, was also part of this film.
  • Jang Hye Jin, who plays the mother of the poor family, had to gain several pounds to play her character, if you don’t recognize her, she also appeared in Crash Landing On You as Dan’s mother.
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