Paranormal Activity how is the sequence of movies?


Paranormal Activity:We put the popular Paranormal Activity movies in chronological order so that you can better follow their plot and the connection between them all.
Paranormal Activity is one of the most popular and celebrated horror sagas of the past decade with a total of up to six installments, the first of them released in 2009 and giving rise to a franchise that has marked the horror film genre, all thanks to to his hand-held camera style along with most disturbing night-time scenes. But in what order is it advisable to watch the 6 films to understand their plot? Is it enough to see them in release order or do they follow a chronological order that intermixes several films with each other? Here we solve all the doubts about how to watch Paranormal Activity to understand its terrifying ghostly universe.

Chronological order of Paranormal Activity

Although the first three installments of the Paranormal Activity saga revolve around the sisters Katie and Kristi throughout different stages of their lives, the next three are more or less independent stories but in reality they hide several connections with the previous ones. Likewise, the opening trilogy also jumps in time and intermingles three different stages of the sisters’ lives. This is why it can be confusing to watch movies in release order rather than chronologically.

Paranormal Activity 4 already presents an independent story to the previous ones, although in the end the connection with the original trilogy is discovered; the same goes for the installment The Designated when presenting a story about demonic witches, although it finally connects with the end of the first part. Finally, Phantom Dimension continues with the same universe with a different story, although again connections with the past are established. For all this, the chronological order to follow the argument of the Paranormal Activity saga is as follows:

1.Paranormal Activity 3
2.Paranormal Activity 2
3.Paranormal Activity
4.Paranormal Activity 4
5.Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
6.Paranormal Activity: Phantom Dimension


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