Paramount+’s Honor Society: 10 movies and TV series whose actors you’ve seen before


The world can still talk about Gaiten Matarazzo’s emotional performance in the fourth season of Netflix’s Very Strange Things, but the young actor has also lent his incredible acting abilities to another streaming service. Matarazzo made his Paramount+ debut in July, when the coming-of-age film was released┬áHonor┬áSociety.

Honor Society follows Honor (Anguri Rice), a high school honors student who is determined to enroll in Havard. After spending the last four years fighting for her school counselor’s letter of recommendation, Honor learns that she is up against three other students, and intends to defeat them. While Matarazzo’s fans are excited to see his talents shine in his new role, he won’t be the only familiar face viewers will recognize.

Anguri Rice – The Mare of Easttown (2021)

Anguri Rice plays Honor, the main character in The Honor Society. Her character is brilliant, devious and has a hidden weakness for her peers, who shine brightly thanks to Rice’s brilliant acting.

This is not Rice’s breakthrough role; in fact, she recently appeared in the Emmy Award-winning limited series The Mare from Easttown. Rice played Siobhan Sheehan, Mare’s stubborn daughter, who has the best relationship with her grandmother. The limited crime series follows Mare as she sets out to solve a brutal murder affecting their small town.

Armani Jackson – Anatomy of Passion (2005-)

Although Armani Jackson has appeared in several projects over the years, “Honor Society” marks his first major role. Jackson plays Travis Biggins, a star high school athlete who is starring in a new drama department production.

However, passionate fans of “Anatomy of Passion” may recognize Jackson by his recurring role as Brayden Morris in season 10. His character was hospitalized after doctors discovered a tumor on his head while treating him for nasal congestion.

Avery Conrad – C (2022-)

Avery Conrad plays Emma in The Honor Society. Honor describes Emma as one of her “fake friends”, whom Honor often uses for various schemes, including her recent attempt to destroy three other honors students.

Conrad really excels in this role, so viewers may be surprised to learn that she also appeared in the horror mystery/drama Epix From. Conrad plays Sarah Myers, a young woman who, like most of the characters in the series, struggles with many problems. However, she is a character with a lot of risk, which means that she will stop at nothing to protect her image.

Candice Hunter – Nantucket Noel (2021)

Coming-of-age high schools are nothing without their teachers, and Candice Hunter, who played Miss Felson, could become one of the best movie teachers of all time. Despite overwork and low wages, Ms. Felson does not seem to be disappointed in her profession and sincerely loves it. So much so that she volunteers to run the theater department, but gives her students the freedom to run it on their own.

Most recently, Hunter appeared in one of Hallmark’s most anticipated Christmas movies of 2021, Nantucket Noel. The plot centers on the owner of a toy store in a small town, who eventually falls in love with the son of a developer trying to destroy her toy store. Hunter plays Janie, one of the local townspeople.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse – Superbad (2007)

Christopher Mintz-Plasse, the star of his own school film about growing up, has returned to the teenage genre, only this time he is no longer a high school student. Instead, Mintz-Plasse plays Mr. Calvin, Honor’s consultant, who has important connections to Harvard, which gives his letter of recommendation much more weight.

Despite the fact that Mintz-Plasse works as a school psychologist, he has not lost the ability to bring inappropriate humor to his roles. His talent was born back in 2007, when he debuted as Fogell in Superbad.

Geiten Matarazzo – Very Strange Things (2016-)

On July 29, hundreds of fans of Gaiten Matarazzo gathered at Paramount+ to watch his performance at the Honor Society. Matarazzo plays Michael, an excellent single student who turns out to be Honor’s most difficult student.

While Matarazzo began his career on Broadway, the young actor is best known for his role as Dustin Henderson in the popular Netflix sci-fi series Very Strange Things. Like his character in “Honor Society,” Dustin is one of the smartest kids in “The Party,” and it’s often him who figures out the supernatural events taking place in the town of Hawkins. The Honor Society marks Matarazzo’s first film role, and his performance proves that he is a young celebrity worth watching.

Kelsey Mavema – To All the Guys I Used to Love (2018)

Two girls don’t make up a girl group, so Honor’s little clique ends with a fantastic performance by Kelsey Mavema as Thalia.


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