Paramount CEO Defends the arguments of Tom Cruise and the companies behind Keeping Top Gun: Maverick for Years, and Does a Sequel Make Sense


“Best Shooter: Maverick” took even longer than we expected to hit the screen, but it was worth it for Paramount.

Top Gun Maverick is the highest—grossing movie of the year, and with the exception of the huge success of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” or the late box office of “Avatar: The Way of Water,” the year will end this way. This is a clear confirmation of Paramount’s decision to wait until the box office is able to ensure the success of the film. However, it ended, which meant that the film was delayed for a very long time.

The premiere of “The Best Shooter: Maverick” was originally supposed to take place in June 2020, and although this clearly did not happen due to the global pandemic, the film eventually came out almost two years later, which is much longer than other major releases. Paramount CEO Bob Bakish recently told CNN that since the studio was confident that Maverick had real potential, opening the film just as theaters were resuming distribution just didn’t make sense. He explained…

It was quite clear that this was not a viable idea. The world was pretty closed, you weren’t going to put an expensive movie that you had high hopes for… in cinemas and no one would come.

Of course, there were other alternatives to even renting a movie in cinemas. Many studios decided to transfer projects to streaming services, and Paramount even had one of these. It’s hard to imagine that the exclusive release of Top Gun: Maverick in streaming mode would not have led to a mass of new Paramount+ subscriptions, especially considering what the audience reaction was in the end. However, it was obviously felt so strongly that “Maverick” was a “movie for the big screen” that everyone agreed not to go down that path.

It was supposed to be a difficult call. “The Best Shooter: Maverick”, like all major films, costs hundreds of millions of dollars to produce, and, strictly speaking, from a business point of view, there will be a desire to see a return on this investment. Even seeing money coming in to help cover expenses is preferable to not having money.

After all, the movie opened in theaters, and that came after “Spider-Man: No Home” had already earned over $1 billion, so it was clear that the audience was there if the movie was what they wanted. And it certainly was. The success of the film is so huge that the question arises whether Top Gun 3, which we hope will be released much faster than Maverick, can be filmed. Bakish does not discount this possibility, but he is clearly not going to shoot a sequel just because it has to be right. He continues…

You need the stars to come together again. You have to have a story that people will like, and you have to assemble a team. We’ll see.

It took decades for these stars to come together for Top Gun: Maverick, but the wait was obviously worth it. Maybe the stars will come together again, and someday we will get Top Gun 3, although it may take many years.


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