Paramount approved premieres right after theaters


The future streaming platform Paramount + confirmed some releases in the service, from productions that will be launched directly in the catalog to releases that will pass straight from the cinemas to the new modality.

The films A Quiet Place 2 (September 17) and Mission Impossible 7 (November 19) fall into the second category. They will open in theaters, as planned before the covid-19 pandemic, in countries that have their theaters reopened in the period. After 45 days, they will arrive at the Paramount + collection, which will be officially launched in early March. It will contain content from all companies controlled by ViacomCBS.

The launch window in digital media is varying according to the company. Warner Bros., for example, has already confirmed all 2021 premieres for HBO Max at the same time as the films are shown. Universal Pictures has already set a deadline of 17 days for the arrival of productions on on demand platforms.

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In addition to the strategic change, Paramount + announced productions that are underway to debut directly in streaming, without going through the big screens.

They include a sequel to the Paranormal Activity franchise, produced by Blumhouse and the director of the first film in the series, Oren Peli. In addition, we will have a new Cursed Cemetery, this time in the form of an origin story for Stephen King’s tale. The director has not yet been announced.

The producer also confirmed an unpublished title, The In Between, a supernatural film that talks about a teenager who starts communicating with her recently deceased boyfriend. Joey King (The Kissing Booth) will be the protagonist.