Paramore’s Statement on The Filming of Club Q: “Our Hearts Go Out to The Whole Community”


Paramore shared their reaction to the shooting at a nightclub in Colorado Springs, which killed five people and injured 25 on November 19.

After the attack on the LGBTQ+ Club Q club today (November 22), the group shared a statement on social networks. The post begins as a response to “when someone says not to politicize moments like last weekend’s shooting.”

“Hatred and prejudice against any marginalized group is historically political,” the statement said. “Did you think that these prejudices stop at the elections? This is a chicken or egg scenario. The shit we carry into our soap dishes will sound forever. You either perpetuate love or perpetuate hate. Anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric is hate, whether it’s politics or locker room talk.

“Politicians and other influential people have a choice. Just like going to a nightclub full of people and taking their lives was a choice in favor of hate. If you spew hate and it echoes, expect an infinite number of potential results. Including people coming to the conclusion that maybe it’s time to hold people accountable for how they use their power to divide and normalize hatred.”

The post concludes: “Our hearts go out to the entire community in Colorado Springs. The LGBTQIA+ community, as well as families and friends who have lost dear people, is more than just a statistic or a headline.”


Earlier this week (November 20) Kim Petras remembered the victims while presenting the nominees for Best Pop song at the American Music Awards.

“Today I can’t stop thinking about Colorado,” the singer said. “I was mostly raised by gay clubs. And I can say with confidence that no one loves pop music more than gay clubs. So my heart is turned to you.”

Petras recently became the first trans singer to top the Billboard 100 after participating in Sam Smith’s song “Unholy”, and the latter became the first openly non-binary artist to receive the same award.

Other artists also spoke about the shooting during the awards night, including Wayne Brady and Dove Cameron.


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