Paradontur-Ina writes a sweet love letter to Vanessa


Vanessa is next to Inna every day! Two women, known online as Coupleontour, have been expecting their first child in the last few months. But then Ina was dealt a heavy blow of fate. She had a stroke. Vanessa then gave birth to baby Olivia without her partner. Inna is in the hospital after a stroke. Now Vanessa has shown how cute they are with Inna in communication.

On Instagram, Vanessa showed the letter she received from Ina. In it, she spoke enthusiastically about her wife. “Bubu, what you’re doing couldn’t be better. You know I’m very proud!” She addressed affectionate words to the mother of her child. “You are such a wonderful person, wife and mother,” Inna thanked her partner for her great support in a difficult moment.

Every day Vanessa takes care of her wife, who is slowly recovering from a stroke in the hospital. “I think it’s very important that Ina has visitors every day,” the influencer wrote on Instagram. For example, Vanessa also cooks food for Ina at home and takes her to the hospital. “Very tasty,” Ina said happily.


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