Paquita la del Barrio says that Jomari Goyso is “useless”


Jomari Goyso did not know that his name was bouncing around on social networks, thanks to a publication by Ana Bárbara. She found out about the entanglement thanks to a comment from her mother, who sent her a message asking who Paquita la del Barrio was.

Ana Bárbara and Paquita la del Barrio join their voices to sing “El Consejo”
The famous Spanish critic shared the message of her mother, expressing the following: “Now if I woke up well CONFUSED !!! But well confused !!!!!! And obviously this smells of entanglement of my cousin @anabarbaramusic Does anyone know what my mother is talking about? ”.

The answer was shared by himself through Instagram, through a photo he showed a private conversation between Paquita la del Barrio and Ana Bárbara.

In these messages, Jomari’s “cousin” explained to the interpreter of “Two-legged Rat” that the Spaniard had sent her a message regarding his new song in duet with the diva.

The talent of Univision told her that her fiancé – Ana Bárbara’s – would not set a date for the wedding due to the song “El Consejo” where both assure that men must be paid in the same currency, for good and / or worse.

Jomari said about it: “Obviously my mother was right !! Paquita la del Barrio told me “useless” BUT OBVIOUS it was a tangle of @anabarbaramusic that is more entangling than anyone! and then she is surprised that her boyfriend has not set a date for the wedding I love u too Ana !!! ”.


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