Paper Heroes publishes a book about Yoko Taro’s work


Taro Yoko’s strange work: From Drakengard to NieR Automata reviews the thematic axes, thought and work of this creative. Yoko Taro is the protagonist of the new book published by Paper Heroes.

The Spanish publisher has announced Taro Yoko’s Strange Work: From Drakengard to NieR Automata, a volume that explores the games, their development, the gears of all their stories and the depth of the topics it touches. They promise to offer the “multiple facets” of the creative, a director who is convinced that the video game is “a unique and different medium”.

The book will be published on November 18 and will be available both in bookstores and in large stores. As usual, if you buy it through the Heroes de Papel website you can get some special extras, in this case a bookmark and four exclusive illustrated pictures. There will also be no lack of special editions: the Drakengard Edition and the NieR Edition will be edited with themed dust covers of these games and can only be purchased through the publisher’s store.

Yoko Taro’s word

The strange work Taro Yoko: From Drakengard to NieR Automata is a French translation of a work by Nicolas Turcev. It will be published in hardcover and will include a preface written by Yoko Taro himself. As if that were not enough, the new edition in Spanish has a prologue written by Ramón Ménez, collaborator of this house.

“Is the human being so depraved that, even for fun, he has to succeed, discriminate, hurt or kill? In the vast desolate wastelands of the war of the human being against himself, Yoko sees the playful activity as a hope, a horizon, a bastion against evil ”. This thematic axis will be one of the cornerstones of the book, which will not limit itself to reviewing the professional career of the creator of NieR Automata, but will investigate all the issues that have influenced her and that are reflected in her own work.


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