Paola Locatelli, galley to set up her decorative layout!


In her recent Stories posted on Instagram, Paola Locatelli admitted that she was having a hard time installing her new decor.

SOS! In her latest Instagram Story, Paola Locatteli told her followers that she was unable to install her new led lights.

The latter, very trendy on social networks, therefore give the French influencer a hard time. She shared her grief on Instagram.

The pretty brunette told her community that she ordered the LEDs on the Amazon site. “Guys, I ordered the leds from Amazon, you know the sticky tape that makes the lights look so stylish with the remote,” she began, proud of her purchase.

Except that this “pleasure” purchase will quickly turn into a puzzle for Rihanna’s protégé. Indeed, she said she couldn’t get them to work properly, even worse, she thinks she cut something that shouldn’t be cut.


Exasperated, the young woman therefore lost patience on social networks. “We’ve been watching videos on YouTube for literally an hour, we just don’t understand a thing.” Paola Locatelli gives up, therefore.

At two in the morning, the young woman had a glimmer of hope after her fans helped her with her DMs. The young woman seems to have stuck the tape badly, but even removing it, this mission turns out to be a bitter failure, therefore.

Despite her best efforts, it would not have been successful for the young woman. This time, she blames the power of the led, which is not powerful enough for her liking.

The YouTuber has however connected everything as it should, but that does not matter, that does not work … The young woman therefore went to bed, having nightmares of led lamps, therefore. As she explained later in her Stories, failure is therefore an integral part of our success.


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