Panzer Dragoon Returns as VR Game


The Panzer Dragoon game, which was released for SEGA Saturn in the 1990s, is being reconstructed to be presented to the players, but the reconstructed Panzer Dragoon game comes as a virtual reality game.

Recently, we have started to see that the games that will take the players who lived their childhood in the 1990s on a journey of nostalgia have been rebuilt recently. One of the last examples of these games is Panzer Dragoon.

A game developer, who is not very well-known in the game market, announced the VR version of the Panzer Dragoon game released for SEGA Saturn consoles in the mid-1990s. According to the description of the game, Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record will cover several episodes in the original SEGA Saturn trilogy and will offer players a single player experience.

Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record:
Unlike the original game, the Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record will use a first-person perspective, not a third-person perspective, and VR controllers will be used as weapons in the game. There is no information about when or on which platforms the game will be released.

Voyage Record is being developed by a small team in Japan, Wildman, who also developed the similar VR game The Gunner of Dragoon. According to the information on Wildman’s site, The Gunner of Dragoon, which is not an official Panzer Dragoon game, also had a rodeo to imitate the dragon’s movements.

Also working on rebuilding the original Panzer Dragoon game for Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC platforms. The game was announced to come in the winter months, but since we left the winter months behind, it would not be wrong to say that the game’s release date has been delayed a bit.


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