Pantone 2022 Color Hits Windows 11 And Microsoft Apps


Windows 11: On Wednesday (8), Pantone, the world reference in color systems for graphic arts and design, announced the color of the year for 2022: PANTONE 17–3938, code of Very Peri, a shade of floral blue with undertones of red that result in a soft violet. The good news is that, the next day, dynamic and calm color was announced by Microsoft to appear in Windows 11 applications.

In addition to debuting on the wallpaper of the new operating system, Azul Floral Very Petri will also be present on Teams, Edge and PowerPoint, among others, according to the Microsoft Design Team. “Color is a part of every design decision we make here at Microsoft, and we wanted to incorporate this new color into our designs in a way that could inspire people to feel more empowered and creative,” says the company.

Return to creative impulses

The balance of the blue floral hue with the violet-red undertone is considered by Microsoft designers as a combination of “the fidelity and constancy of blue with the energy and enthusiasm of red”. For them, “this simultaneous message of credibility and enthusiasm sets an ideal tone for creative collaboration and personal expression, which are needed more than ever at work.”

For anyone willing to embark on this “return to the creative impulses that adulthood so often blocks” or simply look pretty on their computer screen, the Windows wallpaper in Pantone Color of the Year 2022 is available for free download from the Microsoft Store at this link.