Panthers Hold “Due Diligence” About Baker Mayfield – The Spun: What’s Trending in the Sports World today


Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield remains a man without a country as the team continues to release him from training while trying to find a trading partner. But there is a small chance that the Carolina Panthers will try to grant him asylum.

According to NFL insider Josina Anderson, the Panthers are conducting a “due diligence” on Mayfield. According to her sources, they view Mayfield both as a player and as a person.

This report is the closest anyone has gotten to a report even on a potential deal. The rumor mill has been limited to just a couple of teams since the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson.

Even if the Panthers do a “due diligence” on Mayfield, it doesn’t mean they’ll make him an offer. And even if the Panthers make an offer, there’s no guarantee the Browns will accept it.

The Carolina Panthers have publicly touted incumbent starting quarterback Sam Darnold to the moon. But after a disappointing season, fans don’t seem to believe it.

The Panthers have been in QB hell since parting ways with Cam Newton in 2020. Over the past few seasons, they’ve tapped nearly half a dozen quarterbacks to spark a spark.

If they investigate Baker Mayfield, it shows that the Panthers won’t stop until they find someone who can do their job.

Will the Panthers trade the Browns quarterback?