Panthers Coach’s Old Comment About Baker Mayfield Has Gone Viral


Not only would Baker Mayfield be playing alongside a wide receiver who didn’t want him in Carolina, but Panthers offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo wasn’t thinking too much about the former first draft pick.

In 2018, McAdoo was not listed on any team’s payroll, but he still looked at the quarterbacks of the draft. And the former Giants head coach didn’t like a lot of what he saw.

Reporting New York Post:

I haven’t seen much professional football in his student record. And if you are short, you should be able to compensate for it somehow, and the personality does not do that. I didn’t think he was a great athlete. This guy looks like a pocket quarterback, short and with small hands, that’s what I’m worried about.

In fact, at Panthers OC, Mayfield finished sixth in his QB class. Behind Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, teammate Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and even Mason Rudolph.

A player with a permanent trump card on his shoulder, Baker was no doubt aware of McAdoo’s comments related to this draft.

Now let’s see if McAdoo’s feelings will change when he sees the former Heisman Trophy winner on the training field.