Panic Shopping Period Begins in England


The British Government has experimented with a herd of immunity strategies for a while to prevent the coronavirus epidemic. However, the government had to give up this practice in order not to risk millions of people. The government then offered people to go out only to meet their basic needs, and reminded people that they should not go out unless it is mandatory.

UK citizens, as usual, food etc. they shop and meet their basic needs. But people are now shopping a lot more because they do not know what size the epidemic will reach in the coming weeks.

Panic Reception
Blacktower Financial Management conducted a survey on recent shopping habits of UK citizens. According to the results of this survey, people now spend a lot more money than usual in markets, much more food, etc. they receive.

Many citizens across the country started to panic shopping. People are buying more products than they need in the short term with the idea of ​​’what happens and what’. According to the company’s survey, the weekly shopping expense of an average household in the UK has increased by £ 13. In other words, there is an increase of £ 361 million in weekly grocery shopping across the country. The reason for this, as we mentioned above, is that people are now buying more products than usual. According to data published by Blacktower, people now buy 21% more food products than they normally buy on a weekly basis.

In the statements he made on the subject, Blacktower founder John Westwood said that this increase in market spending is of course due to the Coronavirus outbreak and added:

“People started to panic shopping because of the coronavirus outbreak, and there was a huge increase in market spending. Retailers need to meet this demand in times when consumer demand is increasing so much. ”


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