Panic: New Prime Video Series Brings Hunger Games Elements


Panic, the new teen series from Amazon Prime Video, hit the streaming platform last Friday (28). Based on a book of the same name by Lauren Oliver, who is also the show’s screenwriter, the plot intriguingly combines elements from The Hunger Games and Pretty Little Liars. Check out the trailer below:

What would you do to make your dreams come true?

This is the question that protagonist Heather Nill (Olivia Welch) needs to answer. Inhabitant of the small town of Carp in Texas, United States, the young woman struggles to save money for college and ensure a better future for herself and her younger sister (Kariana Karhu), as well as finally being able to leave the trailer they share with his mother, played by Rachel Bay Jones, a manipulative and drug addict.

And this is where Heather ends up involved in Panic, a championship that no one knows who created or controls, filled with dangerous evidence designated by mysterious jurors and made for senior students in high school, offering the winner a $ 50,000 prize.

However, chasing this jackpot can be a big risk, as two participants died in the previous edition, causing the city’s police force, commanded by Sheriff Cortez (Enrique Murciano) to investigate the game, looking for its organizer and the people who participated previously.

loves and secrets

Like any good teenage title, Panic has great emotional moments. Fights, friendships becoming enmities and of course romance.

The series alternates well between scenes of pure nervousness during the tests, such as crossing a decrepit bridge blindfolded, with the development of bonds between the characters, involving its viewers also in the search for Heather and her best friend, Natalie (Jessica Sula) , by the organizers of Panic.

Another interesting point is that all the participating teenagers have their hidden motivation to risk their lives in the new edition, with their secrets gradually being revealed during the season, showing what really happens in Carp and connecting to the main mystery of the plot.

For those who enjoy the good old-fashioned mix of action and teen drama, it’s worth checking out the first season of Panic on Amazon Prime Video, feeling the tension experienced by the characters and rooting for your favorite, as well as finding out more about the lethal game of the town. of Carp.


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