Pang Adventures, Nintendo Switch Review


The Buster brothers receive a physical edition for PS4 and Switch of their latest video game and we take the opportunity to analyze the hybrid version.

The Pang franchise renewed its airs back in 2016 with Pang Adventures, an interesting proposal that took up what worked best about the brand and updated it to the current times. Our colleague Carlos Forcada told us about him in his analysis and described him as “pure fanservice that we missed”.

Now, with the physical launch of the Pang Adventures Buster Edition, we have put the claws to the Nintendo Switch version to tell you what we thought and if it brings any news with respect to the editions that we already knew.

Balls and marbles

If someone has lived in a bubble in the last thirty years, approximately, Pang is a video game in which we choose one of the two protagonists and we clean the screen – static – of bouncing balls using a weapon. Addictive like few others, the original recreational Mitchell Corporation paid off in the form of sequels, although the most notable of all was its most direct continuation; Super Pang.

What we have today is a new foray into the brand by DotEmu and Pastagames that respects the mechanics of the original quite a bit while adding its own cooking. Come on, what has been an update in all its sections.

This new reissue of Pang Adventures in physical form, we regret to say, comes with no more news than being able to touch the video game and its extras with your hands. That is, there is no contribution to what is playable content so it remains as it was five years ago. The good part is that if you are more digital than physical, the video game still costs less than ten euros, which makes it an almost obligatory purchase for every video game lover.