Panera Customer Called The Police Because of an Attempt to Steal Her Debit Card


A Panera Bread customer went viral on TikTok after she reported that she called the police on an employee for allegedly almost stealing her debit card.

In a viral video with 2.7 million TikToker views, Gabbie Egan told how she contacted the police and canceled her debit card after a Panera employee allegedly pocketed it.

The content creator said she drove through the store with her sick daughter to buy grilled cheeses and tomato soups. “I’m making an order to get Target [in the parking lot] on my phone and I understand:”My God, she didn’t give me back my debit card or receipt,” she recalls in the video.

Gabbie said she then entered the store, where another employee she recognized went to the back to find her card. “She’s like this:”We don’t have that.” I am so:”What do you mean, ‘we don’t have that’? I literally just passed,” she said in response.

Then the employee went to check again, but couldn’t find it. At this point, Gabbie started arguing with four different people at the front desk until a male employee ran up with her card and said, “We got this from her.”


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A customer called the police on a Panera employee

“We had all these trials because of my debit card, and you had to take it out of some girl’s pocket?” said Gabbie, before requesting information about the employee.

TikToker said that after leaving the store, she called the police, not knowing if they could do anything about the situation. Then she went to the bank and cancelled her card.

“I do not know if you have photographed my business card. I do not know if you have my card details,” she said in the video. “I won’t buy tomato soup at Panera Bread anymore if I don’t have cash.”

In the comments, TikTok users said they were sure that the employee intended to steal Gabby’s card.

“Yes, she was definitely going to steal your business card. I would say “who had it” until I was told,” one user wrote. “She hoped no one would come back for her,” another added.

“I want to know what happened to the employee, because if she hadn’t been fired, the SIDE EYE,” said a third. “You did the right thing to call the police,” someone else shared.


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