Pandemic will leave Android and iOS without new emojis in 2021


The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has just generated another consequence in the technology industry: Unicode Consortium announced that the Android and iOS operating systems will be without receiving new emojis in 2021. Fortunately, users will still have several new stickers coming this year.

In a statement posted on its website, Unicode revealed that it will delay by six months the release of version 14.0 of its emoji standards, which are used to implement new reactions on Android and iOS. Thus, the new guidelines will only be available in September 2021. “This delay will affect specifications and related data, such as new characters and emojis”, explains the consortium.

According to Unicode, the approval process for new emojis is time consuming and can take up to six months. Thanks to this, the batch of stickers that should arrive next year will probably only be approved and will be available on cell phones in the middle of 2022.

New emojis coming in 2020
Jeremy Burge, who runs Emojipedia, told Business Insider that possible emojis that should arrive with Unicode’s 14.0 package are crow figurines, pots and fingers. While the news is still far from appearing on the keyboard of Android and iOS users, there are still releases for 2020.

As the Unicode 13.0 package guidelines are already available, the consortium is expected to launch around 117 new emojis by 2020. The news for this year does not yet have a release date, but includes representations of ninjas, polar bears, magic wands and Bell pepper.


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