Pandemic: Searches For Virtual Museums Grow in Brazil, Google Shows


Pandemic: Searches for virtual museums grew 50% in Brazil during the pandemic, according to data from Google Trends that were made available to Galileu magazine. It is true that the new social context, motivated by the need for isolation, generated a series of changes (almost in a domino effect) in people’s daily lives.

Among them, is the search for new forms of leisure, after all, what we knew for fun has become somewhat risky. Virtual visits to museums have become one of those entertainment “outlets”. This phenomenon of interest was noticed in the last 12 months and compared with the data collected in the previous year.

According to a survey carried out by Google Trends, a tool that analyzes searches made on the search engine, this movement was verified not only in Brazil, but in 19 other countries.

What do people want to see?

From this information, it can be seen that the limitation of mobility allowed people to explore more deeply the possibilities offered by the internet. In this scenario, the digital tours most sought after by Brazilians were divided between national and European institutions, with emphasis on the Louvre Museum, in France, as well as the Pinacoteca and the Ipiranga Museum, both in São Paulo. In a broader analysis, the most sought-after museum was the Masp, followed by the Louvre.

The most searched museums

Google Trends has developed two most popular museum rankings in the last 12 months considering the type of search performed by Internet users. Check it out below:

Most searched museums with the term “virtual”

Louvre Museum (France);
Pinacoteca of São Paulo;
Ipiranga museum;
National museum;
Prado Museum (Spain);
Museum of Tomorrow;
Catavento Museum;
Imperial Museum;
British Museum (United Kingdom).

Most popular museums in general

The Louvre Museum;
Pinacoteca of São Paulo;
Museum of Tomorrow;
Inhotim Institute;
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met);
Catavento Museum;
Ipiranga museum;
Prado Museum;
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).


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