Pandemic: New Zealand gives concerts without masks


By the time Brazil continues to break records of cases and deaths from covid-19, other countries are already returning to normal. This is the case in New Zealand, with 5 million inhabitants, which so far has registered 2,462 cases and only 26 deaths from the disease since the beginning of the pandemic. The country, in fact, is already allowing the return of festivals that gather crowds since the end of 2020.

An example of this was the region’s largest festival, Rhythm and Vines, which hosted more than 20,000 people in the city of Gisborne in late December. According to the NME website, the public did not need to wear masks or maintain social distance during the event.

New Zealand was the country that best handled the pandemic, according to a survey conducted by British consultancy Brand Finance. This is because, the government quickly controlled the number of cases at the beginning of the dissemination, adopting extremely restrictive measures, such as the adoption of the lockdown when the region still had only 102 cases.

For 40 calendar days, only essential services remained open, and trips to the supermarket were controlled so that only one member of the family entered the establishment. In addition, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced in the middle of last year that she and other government officials would cut their wages by 20% to tackle the pandemic.

Agreement with Australia

Since the beginning of the pandemic, borders have been closed and only residents enter and leave the country, quarantining 14 days in a hotel. However, now New Zealand is closing an agreement with Australia, called a “travel bubble”.

In early April, the country is expected to set a date to allow Australians to enter New Zealand without having to quarantine. The opening will only be possible due to the low rate of cases in both countries.


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