Panasonic solution for the falling wireless headset!


Although the wireless headphone revolution that started with AirPods comes up with many advantages, the problem of wireless earphone falling out of the ear seems to negatively affect city life. Although many brands claim that there are no earbuds for wireless headset models, Tokyo railways are grappling with evidence to the contrary.

The company named JR East, which operates Tokyo railways, reported that 950 models of wireless headsets fell on the rails in Tokyo in the last three months alone. This figure makes up a quarter of the goods falling on the railway.

Interesting solution for falling wireless headphone models

In fact, it happens with passengers dropping smartphones on the rails. However, officials can take this with the help of special clamps. Since the wireless headset is the same size as the gravel on which the rails are laid, it is not easy to get a device like the one on the left.

Panasonic has developed a special vacuum device to solve this problem. Thanks to this vacuum device, it will be possible to take small devices such as wireless headphones from the rails. Devices and items falling on rails can pose a major threat to rail transport.

On the other hand, in order to prevent this risk, the officials try to take the falling items from the railway before the other train arrives. However, taking the headphones hard made the attendants wait almost until the last train left.

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It turned out that the vacuum cleaner-like device developed by Panasonic also works faster and is more successful than conventional clamps. So do you think the problem of ear drops is experienced so much for wireless headphone models? We are waiting your comments.

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