Panasonic: broom to recover dropped headphones


Although wireless headphones are becoming increasingly common, they are another source of concern for users. Many people are afraid of dropping their wireless headset somewhere that would be difficult to recover. In Japan, Panasonic, who took action on the falling of headphones on train tracks, developed a special vacuum cleaner together with JR East railway company. This broom allows for easy recovery of a wireless headset falling on the rails.

Railroad workers often use old-fashioned mechanical grippers to salvage headphones and other items falling onto the rails. While these holders are enough to save large items, they do have trouble gripping the small earphones.

Panasonic’s vacuum cleaner pulls the earbuds from narrow places between the rails with finger-sized vacuums and manages to hold the earpiece on its body without pulling it inside.

According to the information provided by JR East, there were 950 earphone drops at 78 stations affiliated to the company in the third quarter of the year. This gives a clue as to how useful the device developed with Panasonic can be. It can be easily said that this extraordinary broom will be quite functional in other countries.

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