Panasonic AR HUD developed with artificial intelligence


While CES 2021 was in full swing, an innovation was announced by Panasonic. Panasonic’s automotive team introduced the head-up display (HUD) system, which offers augmented reality, developed with artificial intelligence.

AR HUD promises a safe driving experience

Designed to guide vehicle information, objects, pedestrian detection and mapping, the AR HUD uses Panasonic’s AI technology from the SPYDR cockpit area controller for both near and far.

According to Panasonic, the new AR HUD system projects important information detected by artificial intelligence directly into the driver’s field of view. This situation prevents distraction from the driver. Speaking about the new system, Panasonic Automotive President Scott Kirchner explains the system as follows;

“The HUD market is one of the fastest growing categories in mobility, but traditional HUDs only cover a small part of the road. Panasonic’s AR HUD solutions cover more of the road with 3D overlays in the far field as well as traditional cluster content such as speed and fuel in the near field. It displays navigation and other critical driver data spatially relative to the road ahead. In a future with driverless vehicles, our AR HUD can also provide a significant additional level of comfort and assurance for AV passengers. ”

Panasonic AR HUD, whose technical features include eye processing technology, advanced optics and AI navigation accuracy, also offers real-time situational awareness and three-dimensional imaging.


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