Is Pan Bank good? Get to know the digital account with card without annual fee


Banco Pan offers the digital mode to open an account without leaving home and access statements or pay invoices directly through the Android and iPhone (iOS) application. The bank offers credit and debit cards without annual fees, in addition to providing services to account holders, such as personal loans, emergency limit and NFC card for payment by approach.

Depending on the card category, bonuses such as discounts on travel, shops and restaurants are still possible. Check the list below for what Banco Pan is and how it works, and find out if the institution’s annual credit card is worth it.

How to open an account
To open a digital account at Banco Pan, you must download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and tap on the option “Open my account”, available right on the app’s home screen. Then, read the “Terms and conditions” and confirm them.

Then, the customer must authorize the application to access location and notifications. Opening an account at Banco Pan requires personal data such as name, social security number, photo, address, contact information, income and a password. Later, to log into the app and access the account, you will be asked for your CPF and registered password.

Annuity and fees
Banco Pan offers five types of cards, ranging from the most basic to the most sophisticated plans. The credit card without annual fee has the self-explanatory name “Zero annual fee”. It provides the most basic services of Banco Pan, while the premium “Platinum” has cashback on the invoice and the “PAN Mais” points program, which provides discounts at partner stores of the brand.

The modalities that charge annuity are subject to the reduction of fees. The discount percentages are 25%, 50%, 75% and even 100%, according to the user’s monthly spending on the card. All card categories allow you to control the limit, access your statement and make transactions using the Banco Pan application.

What are the main features available in the account?
Banco Pan allows up to 30 monthly withdrawals, transfers and deposits per boleto for free. In this way, the customer can perform, on average, one of these movements per day. When the limit is exceeded, R $ 2 per share is charged.

Common banking transactions, such as transfers, withdrawals and deposits, are available in the app. Thus, it is possible to monitor spending throughout the month, in addition to adjusting the credit card limit as desired. There is also the option to request a loan, in which the user chooses the payment time taking into account the interest applied.

What is the difference for other digital banks?
Nubank, Inter and other digital banks are competitors of Banco Pan and can offer greater advantages to the customer. For example, both Nubank’s NuConta and Banco Inter allow unlimited transfers between banks free of charge.

In addition, the amount deposited in the Nubank account has automatic yield. A differential of Inter is the possibility of investing in direct treasury, in investment funds, savings and private pension without charges. Still, you can do procedures such as transfer and payments with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

Banco Pan, in turn, has a monthly limit for procedures such as withdrawals, transfers and deposits. In addition, only the “Zero annual fee” card, with simpler plans, does not charge the annual usage fee. Meanwhile, cards from other types of Banco Pan charge an annual fee, but have scoring and cashback programs. Like Inter and Nubank, withdrawals are made at Banco24Horas boxes.


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