Pamela Díaz and the end of her marriage: “I separated loving myself”


Pamela Díaz stated that “the first time I feel that I never want to be living with someone again” Chilevisión’s cheerleader, Pamela Díaz, referred to her separation from businessman Fernando Téllez, in conversation with Sigamos de Largo de Canal 13.

In space, Díaz said that “a month ago I could not talk about the subject, because I was crying”, about the break with his ex-husband, with whom he was married for four years.

“I separated loving him, I had a terrible time and it was very difficult for me to make the decision,” said the “Fiera”.

“I would say it was three months of being like this, badly, until I said‘ I have to get up and continue for my children, for my work, because nobody helps me financially, “the cheerleader added.

In the face of a future relationship, Díaz said that “the first time I feel I never want to be living with someone again. I have no more desire to be undoing things. ”

Cleаrly, things аre on the rise for Díaz .Fаns wishing to see more of the beаuty should follow her Instаgrаm.

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