Pamela Anderson secretly married six months after her separation from Adil Rami!


Pamela Anderson seems to have recovered from her separation from Adil Rami. The American actress has just married producer Jon Peters.

Pamela Anderson is getting back on track . Six months after her shattering breakup with footballer Adil Rami , the platinum blonde has just put her ring on her finger.

Who would have thought that the woman who made the whole world fantasize would say “yes” at the age of 52. Yes, six months after her break-up with Adil Rami, the pretty blonde has just married. It therefore took Pamela Anderson a short time to erase her ex from her life. Indeed, the latter had been particularly horrible with her since he led a double life … Fortunately, the American model was able to quickly recover from this infidelity!

Known to be a woman to a man, Pamela Anderson would have had more than fifteen successive husbands and companions. Besides, she just got married for the 5th time! And for this ultimate union, the star of Malibu Alert has fallen under the charms of a famous film producer. Indeed, the TMZ site revealed that it was Jon Peters, known for the feature film A Star is Born .

To forget her ex, Pamela Anderson therefore conquered the heart of the 74-year-old filmmaker. The secret marriage is said to have taken place under the sun of Malibu, California. A rapid union which is explained by the relationship that the two lovers may have had a few years earlier. Indeed, according to TMZ, Jon Peters reportedly said, ” I s there are beautiful girls everywhere. I could have the choice but for 35 years I only wanted Pamela. It makes me wild in a good way. ”

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Pamela Anderson also has very strong feelings towards her new husband. She then explained that “Jon is the authentic bad boy in Hollywood, no one can compare. I love her deeply as a family. Her life scared me. We understand and respect each other. We love each other unconditionally. I am a lucky woman. Proof that God has a plan. ” Congratulations to you, Pamela!


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