Pamela Anderson reveals her chest in a (too?) Scalloped jumpsuit!


Pamela Anderson released a sexy photo to support Australia. But Internet users were rather challenged by his chest!

Bad luck for Pamela Anderson! The star wanted to support a cause on Instagram. But Internet users have missed its message! And for good reason: we can see his chest on his picture! We tell you everything!

Pamela Anderson knows how to get the attention of internet users. Indeed, the star never misses an opportunity to publish sexy photos. She reveals many hot shootings on her profile. And its walking! Adil Rami’s ex has almost 1 million followers on Instagram! Unbelievable !

Yesterday, the pretty blonde still shared a new series of sexy shots! But this time, Pamela Anderson wanted to deliver a message of support for Australia. She then wrote in caption “We pray for Australia. We took these photos a month ago on the Gold Coast. The fires were starting. All these lost lives break my heart. Stay strong. Special thoughts for the Koala Crusaders Foundation. ”

Many Internet users have missed this touching message. And for good reason: the photos in question are ultra sexy! We can see Pamela Anderson on a boat. The star wears a black jumpsuit with a dizzying neckline. She then lets glimpse her XXL chest. Thus, many comments linger on the physique of the star. “Always as sexy”, “Sublime”, “What a woman”, “A goddess” can we read under the photo! So would the bomb do too much to defend its cause?

The pretty blonde still made the buzz on the canvas. Indeed, his shot has more than 63,000 likes. Unbelievable ! We still hope that Pamela Anderson has managed to reach a few Internet users with her message! Anyway, the top model still proves her big heart! We’re fans! And you what do you think ?


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