Pamela Anderson married: She sends a message to Jon Peters!


Pamela Anderson spins perfect love with producer Jon Peters. On her honeymoon, she just posted a wonderful photo on Instagram.

Finally happy! After breaking up with Adil Rami, Pamela Anderson spins perfect love with Jon Peters . On honeymoon, she sends a special message to her new husband!

Pamela Anderson is finally filled with love! The Malibu Alert star has just said “yes” to her 5th husband. But the platinum blonde had tears in her eyes when she broke up with Adil Rami. The French footballer had then broken the heart of the star who had yet left her country to join that of her lover. Despite this, he lacked the athlete’s honesty … Indeed, the latter lived a double life with the mother of her children.

He was also found to be violent by Pamela Anderson . The actress had therefore denounced her abusive behavior following their separation. Today, the American seems to have turned the page. A few days ago, she also had the ring put on her finger by producer Jon Peters!


Very happy, Pamela Anderson lives a fairy tale with her new husband. Indeed, the 52-year-old star has just posted a photo that is unanimous on social networks. Lying on her stomach, she then reveals her chest while she looks at the lens with a severe eye. Hair in the wind and perfect manicure, the star with a luscious mouth is sexier than ever. The cause ? Her new marriage.

” Honeymoon. You never regret saying yes. ” So the comment that Pamela Anderson was allowed her last post. Besides, fans seem delighted to see the pretty blonde also in good shape. In fact, almost 20,000 people liked the black and white photo of the star!

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