Palworld: Bizarre Pokemon Clone With Shooting Gets Trailer


Palworld: A bizarre and fascinating new Pokémon clone is coming with Palworld, a new game produced by Pocket Pair. In the title, it will be possible not only to capture and train little creatures, but also to force them to work and even shoot them with firearms — as in the game recently created by a fan, against which Nintendo has already been taking action.

Announced in June of last year, the title will allow players to explore an open world alongside little monsters known as Pal. Each creature has specific abilities, and can be used as mounts or even weapons, for example.

Below, you can check out the second and most recent trailer for Palworld, which shows some of the action players will encounter (and the abuse they will be able to commit):

On its Steam page, the game is described as being a new “open world multiplayer”. The game has both survival and building elements, offering players the ability to “befriend and collect mysterious creatures called ‘Pal’ in a vast world”.

In the game, little monsters will be able to “fight, build, farm and work in factories”. Yes, apparently you will be able to force your “friend” to spend hours in assembly lines. In addition, players will be able to sell and eat the creatures, as well as order them to commit crimes such as looting and stealing.

From the same creator of Craftopia (the game “inspired” by games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokémon, Minecraft and Harvest Moon), Palworld will be released for PC on Steam in 2022, but there is still no exact date set to reach the Valve’s platform.