Palpatine’s conquest of the Jedi overturned the ancient tactics of the Sith


The Sith are often portrayed in Star Wars as using the force, based on rage, who lack the emotional restraint that the Jedi are famous for. That is, the impression was created that the Sith, impulsive natures, lack the ability to long-term strategic thinking.

However, the reality is that since the Sith Lord Darth Bane initiated the Rule of Two, the Sith have proven that they are able to control their emotions and play the long game much better than the Jedi. Perhaps the most adept Sith at hiding the order’s intentions until the right moment was Shiv Palpatine. Instead of attacking his opponents, as was customary, Palpatine hid himself and his students in the mantle of a common man until it was no longer necessary.

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One of the most revealing demonstrations of Palpatine’s desires and machinations aimed at making the Sith live in the shadows for as long as possible was presented in the comic “Legends” “Jedi vs Sith” No. 3. There, the Jedi discover that the key ploy of the Sith was to assign the status of a Sith lord to any number of Sith or lower-ranking Sith followers. Thus, the Sith were able to instill fear in the hearts of any ordinary citizen who believed that they could not compete with the power of the Dark Lords. Conversely, by giving so many people the title of Dark Lord, the Sith were able to protect their own high-ranking officials, as it would be an extremely lucky or extremely clever case if they accidentally got into a vital connection.

Seeing the advantage of creating security by hiding the exact number of Dark Lords currently present in the campaign, Palpatine changed the model for a simplified Sith order that included only a master, a disciple, and a few potential apprentices in waiting. Instead of flooding the area of operation with fake Sith to attract the attention of the Jedi and spend their efforts trying to figure out which of the Dark Lords is the real Sith, Palpatine turned around and disguised several Sith under his control into the usual attributes of an average galactic citizen. Palpatine’s strategy is clearly an attempt to improve the process of spreading the Sith at a time when there are many Jedi and few Sith. Unlike the previous strategy, which protects the Sith more by forcing the Jedi to spend a huge amount of energy searching for the true Dark Lords, Palpatine’s method is an aggressive slap in the face to the forces of the Jedi surveillance. It’s also a strategy that shows how much the Sith really were the rampant users of the power of anger that they are portrayed to be.

All this asks, if the Jedi are so smart, how could they miss the fact that the Chancellor is the leading Sith of the current era? It’s a high-risk, high-reward game that ultimately works better than any previous strategy as it finally allows the Sith to gain full and commanding control over the Star Wars galaxy.