Palm Springs 2 Gets a Disappointing Update from the Original Screenwriter


Andy Ciara, the screenwriter of the popular sci-fi comedy “Palm Springs,” recently gave disappointing information about a potential sequel. Released in 2020, the film received critical acclaim for its use of a plot device with a time loop, as well as for the excellent performance of the main actors, Andy Samberg from Brooklyn 9-9 and Kristin Milioti from How I Met Your Mother. As a result of the restrictions imposed on cinemas during the pandemic, “Palm Springs” was simultaneously released on Hulu, where it broke the records of the streaming service.

Milioti plays Sarah, the half-sister of the bride at the Palm Springs hotel wedding. There she meets Niles (Samberg) and immediately establishes a connection with him. After Niles is attacked by an unknown group, he escapes into a mysterious cave, followed by Sarah. As a result, Sarah joins Niles in a time loop centered around a Palm Springs wedding. These two, forever stuck in the same moment in time, develop a close relationship, trying to understand the rules of their temporary prison and find a way to break out of the Palm Springs time loop.

Now, in an interview with ComicBook, Ciara has revealed disappointing information about a possible sequel for Palm Springs. When asked if the writer would return to the world of Palm Springs, Ciara explained that he hadn’t even thought about a sequel. Read below what Ciara said about a possible sequel to the comedy.

“I don’t, but I would like to go there with my family on vacation after [The Resort] finishes work. But no, I wasn’t thinking about going back to Palm Springs.”

For fans of the film who have been wanting a sequel ever since, the revelation that the original author of “Palm Springs” didn’t even think about continuing the Palm Springs story would undoubtedly be embarrassing. This is unfortunate, because Samberg previously reported that he and the actors are interested in revisiting the world of Palm Springs, but only if an incredible and unique script is written. Although Palm Springs finally ended with Sarah and Niles escaping from the time loop, there is still a way to continue the story.

When Sarah was exploring the time loop, she came across Roy Schlieffen (J. K. Simmons), another person accidentally caught in a time loop by Niles. This is what fueled Roy’s anger towards Niles throughout the film. However, the film ends with Roy realizing that Sarah’s plan to escape from the time loop has worked, implying that he will take the chance to escape. A future film may focus on Roy’s journey through the loop and subsequent escape, or complications due to the fact that Sarah and Niles are traveling ahead of him, which could lead to another temporary tragedy. Or perhaps another group of people caught in a Palm Springs time loop that has yet to be revealed. Although Ciara has revealed that he hasn’t even thought about a sequel, the studio may still continue working with another screenwriter to write “Palm Springs 2.”


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