Palia: this is MMO with Animal Crossing touches from ex-Riot developers


Palia: This new title will enter the pre-alpha phase this summer: we will tell you how to register to participate.In nature, under the trees, animals graze peacefully, oblivious to predators or humans. At least, that happens in the idealized world of Palia, a new MMO that combines aspects reminiscent of Animal Crossing with other systems closer to productions like The Sims. This new video game is about to begin its pre-alpha phase, which will take place this summer, still without a more specific date.

Palia is the first video game from Singularity 6, the studio formed by former Riot Games developers Aidan Karabaich and Anthony Leung. When they announced the creation of the new team, they stated that they wanted to offer “alternative worlds that delve into the lives of the players.” As for Palia, they define it as “a sim community MMO”, also with a social component.

Personalization, romances and more

The trailer, which you can see below these lines, shows some common mechanics of this type of video game, that is, the possibility of fishing, gardening or catching insects. These activities can be carried out in the company of other players. They promise plenty of character customization options: skin tone, hair styles, and “a flexible fashion system.” It gives the impression that there will be neighborhoods, which in Palia are the equivalent of guilds, so we can get rewards for completing the tasks.

In this universe we can have our own house, which of course we will decorate thoroughly. There will be more than 1,000 decoration elements available when the video game is available. Also, how could it be otherwise, having romances with NPCs will be one more option. Palia’s plot premise, by the way, is that the human being is a legendary race that disappeared overnight. It seems to have reappeared with the same speed.

If you want to participate in the pre-alpha phase of Palia you must register on the official website.