Paladins Reveals His New Champion: Meet Vatu


Paladins: The robust cast of the free to play shooter Paladins will get even bigger! After all, Hi-Rez Studios announced an unprecedented champion who is already on his way to the combat arenas. Vatu, The Shadow, received his own trailer showing his look and promises to shake up the competitive goal:

As the character’s own name already indicates, the great catch of his gameplay is a more stealthy grip, since the hero can blend into the shadows until he has an opening to attack his opponents using kunais.

He will arrive at the game in May and won a page on Paladins‘ official website detailing all of his powers. Vatu has the role of flank, counts 1900 life points, and his main weapon fired 3 kunais in an arc. In addition, he can also fire explosive projectiles, dash or teleport for 200 damage!

What did you think of this new hero of Paladins? Are you planning to make it your main? Who is your favorite champion? Comment below!


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