Pakistan blocked access to TikTok! Here are the details


TikTok was banned by the Pakistani telecommunications regulatory agency for hosting “immoral” and “inappropriate” videos. Pakistan Telecommunications Administration banned matchmaker apps Tinder and Grindr a month ago for the same reasons.

According to data from the research firm Sensor Tower, TikTok’s total downloads in Pakistan have reached 43 million. This makes TikTok the 12th most popular app in Pakistan in terms of the number of installs. TikTok’s total number of downloads on the App Store and Google Play is around 2.2 billion.

TikTok was banned by India a few months ago on grounds of Chinese origin. The United States has attempted to ban TikTok for a similar reason. Although this initiative was suspended due to a court decision, new restrictions will come into effect from mid-November.

TikTok continues to be a cultural phenomenon despite facing pressure from regulatory agencies around the world. However, it should be said that the ban decisions and potential bans that could be imposed in the future threaten the growth of TikTok.

Pakistani officials stated that TikTok had been given enough time to address concerns, but the social network was unable to do so. According to TikTok’s latest transparency report, in the first half of 2020, Pakistan requested TikTok to restrict access to 40 accounts. TikTok fulfilled only two of these requests.

TikTok sent a statement to The Verge site regarding the ban decision taken by Pakistan. In the statement, it was emphasized that robust measures were in place, and it was stated that the problems were solved and it was aimed to meet users in Pakistan again.

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