Painkiller: Black Lightning will split in CW channel


Black Lightning fans (in Portuguese, Black Lightning) are excited about the latest news from The CW. According to reports, work has started on the production of Painkiller, a spin-off of the original series. The show will feature Jordan Calloway as the protagonist Khalil Payne.

Jordan Calloway’s character was a recurring character in the first season of Black Lightning, however, he won the spotlight in the following seasons of the series. As a result, he will win his own series, which will tell a little more about the story of Khalil Payne.

The Painkiller Story

Apparently, DC and The CW are looking to create a new TV show franchise. The synopsis of the new series brings the following information about the spin-off:

Khalil Payne is a young man who bears the blame for his troubled past and his old life in the city of Freeland, where, as a super-enhanced killing machine known as the Painkiller, he was a member of the Tobias Whale gang and an Agent weapon Odell.

After trying to hide the most lethal part of his personality, Payne distanced himself from the people he loves to try to start life again and finds peace in the city of Akashic Valley. However, a deadly machine like the Painkiller will hardly conquer such lull.

When the problems of the past find him again, Payne will have to fight to bring justice and try to change the situation. However, it will not be easy to block the dark side of Painkiller inside him.

The spin-off pilot is scheduled to air as the seventh episode of the 4th season of Black Lightning on February 8, 2021. The production will be directed and written by Salim Akil.

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