Paige Spiranak reacted to the appeal of the Fox News presenter


Earlier this week, former professional golfer Paige Spiranak announced that she had deleted fan comments on her social media posts that contained vulgar content.

Spiranak said she received shameful messages from a number of those who were in the comments section, and even worse. Instead of continuing to read the messages, she just deleted them.

This greatly hurt Fox News anchor Lisa Booth. She believes that Spiranak should live with the comments because she “objectifies” her own body.

Well, Spiranak saw this comment and reacted quickly.

“I’ve clearly stated that a big part of my brand is my body, and it’s connected to the territory,” she said. “I believe that people can and should express their opinions without showing cruelty for no reason. Just like you. You explained yourself without shaming me, and I respect that.”

Good for her.


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