Paige Spiranak has been very clear about her opinion on the PGA and LIVE


Popular golfer Paige Spiranak recently shared her thoughts on the heated debate between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

During the last episode of her Playing-A-Round podcast, Spiranak ranted passionately about the rapidly changing landscape of golf.

Spiranak claims that she is not against either the PGA or LIV, but she is clearly upset by the complaints of players about inconveniences during the PGA Tour.

She specifically tore up PGA Tour professional James Hahn for his recent criticism of the tour schedule.

“James Khan had this series of tweets that were incredibly out of touch with reality,” she said. “…They’re going to keep wanting more and more and more. Where will it stop? At some point you will become an employee and you have something you have to do.

“…Stop acting like a fucking kid about this. You play golf for a living. You’re making millions and millions of dollars.”

“I understand that there are things that probably need to be improved. I’m sure I should have listened a little more on the tour, but the same thing will happen with LIV,” she added. “… In the future, I think a lot of players will say, ‘Oh, maybe it was better on the PGA Tour.’

What do you think about this passage from “Spiranak”?


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