Paid extensions for Google Chrome will be stopped!


Paid extensions for Google Chrome are being removed. Google announced that it has turned off paid Chrome extensions offered on the Chrome Web Store. Announcing that the Google Web Store payments are discontinued, the company prevents the installation of a new paid plug-in at this point.

Paid extensions for Google Chrome are being removed

This discontinuation decision, announced in the published blog post, is explained as follows: “The Chrome Web Store payment system is now deprecated and will be shut down in the coming months. There are many other ways to monetize your extensions, and if you are currently using Chrome Web Store payments, you need to switch to another one.”

In addition, those who do not use Google’s payment method are not affected. According to Google, developers will no longer be able to make new paid extensions as of Monday. Realizing that users were being abused, Google suspended the release of paid extensions.

Below is the timeline shared by Google:

Google Chrome icin ucretli uzantılar kaldırılıyor-00

Google plans to phase out the system’s functions by February 1. He says that existing extensions can no longer charge customers who use the Chrome Web Store’s payment system. A similar extension move came from Google in April. Wanting to block spammy extensions, Google shared a set of security policies for them.

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