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Want to regularly follow free games on Steam? The SteamDB page listed the games that are currently free and will be free soon. Apart from the games that are directly free in the list, there are also limited time free games such as free weekends.

With the spread of the new type of coronavirus all over the world, many companies are organizing campaigns to entertain people who have closed their homes. In the game industry, game platforms support this quarantine process by offering games free of charge. While Epic Games especially pleases its users with the games it offers for free, the players want to see such gifts on Steam, which is one of the most used game platforms in the world.

Although we still haven’t seen many high quality free games on Steam for now, there are games and DLC that can be played for a limited time on the platform. The free weekend campaigns held on the SteamDB page seem to be a nice list for players. We have also seen a solid game in the list. According to SteamDB’s list, Total War: Shogun 2 will be completely free for a limited time in the coming days.

Showing which game will be free when and for how long, SteamDB lists not only games that will have limited time, but also games that will belong to you forever once you add them to the library.

You can already have 3 games completely
The list on SteamDB includes 10 games that are currently free to play. Although 7 of these games will expire soon, you can have 3 games forever if you hold your hand quickly. The games you can get for free on the list are Gravity Wars Limits Free Promotional Package, Transpose Limited Free Promotional Package and Arcade Moonlander Limited Free Promotional Packege games.

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Total War: Shogun 2 will be free
According to the information in SteamDB, Total War: Shogun 2 will be completely free after 15 days. It was announced that Warhammer 2, another game belonging to the Total War series, which is followed closely by the players who love the strategy type, will be playable for 4 days.


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