Bae In Hyuk Realizes His Feelings for Han Ji Hyun After an Awkward Encounter With His First Love in “Cheer Up”


Bae In Hyuk will come to an important understanding in the next episode of “Cheer Up”!

SBS’s “Cheer Up” is a mystical romantic comedy about a college campus about a college support group whose glory days are long gone, and now it is on the verge of disintegration. Han Ji Hyun plays Do Hae Yi, a newbie from the support group of Yeonghee Teyi University, who has a cheerful character despite the fact that she faces difficult circumstances at home. Pae In Hyuk plays the often misunderstood Captain Teyi Park Jung Woo, who adheres firmly to the rules, but at the same time is a romantic at heart.


In the previous episode of “Cheer Up”, Do Hae Yi unexpectedly ran into Park Jung-woo’s first love, Lee Yoo-min (Park Bo-yeon), who disappeared for two years after an accident with a light on stage.

In newly released footage from the next episode of Do Hae Yi’s drama, Park Jung-woo and Lee Yoo-min share a tense encounter after Lee Yoo-min’s dramatic return. Do Hae Yi tries to break the ice with Lee Yoo Min with an awkward smile, while Park Jung Woo, who enters the room after Do Hae Yi, is clearly surprised to see the two of them together.

In another set of photos from the upcoming episode, Park Jung-woo becomes emotional after bumping into Do Hae-yi in an alley late at night. The look of desperate relief in his eyes as he cries suggests that he has been frantically searching for a junior disciple, while Do He Yi looks back at him in confusion, seemingly confused by what is going on.

The producers of “Cheer Up” teased, “In episode 6, Park Jung-woo realizes his feelings for Do Hae-yi, which have grown to the point that he can no longer control them.”

“The more he tries to hide his feelings, the more he can’t hide them,” they continued. “Park Jung-woo will show his sincerity as he tries not to lose anything important to him, so please keep an eye on him.”

The next issue of “Cheer Up” will be aired on October 18 at 22:00 Korean time. kst.


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