Paddy Considine from HOTD wrote a heartfelt message to a colleague and fans about the tragic first episode of the show


There are spoilers ahead for the first season of “House of the Dragon”.

Week after week, viewers watched as King Viserys, patriarch of the Targaryens and ruler of Westeros, struggled to keep his family together as he slowly degraded under the weight of the crown. Few people in Westeros got a rougher hand than King Viserys, but he always tried to do what he thought was right for the kingdom. In the first episode of the 1st season of “House of the Dragon”, we saw how the character Paddy Considine decided to let the master discover his wife Emma during a difficult birth in order to save his child and potential heir. Mother and child are both lost, leaving a broken and guilt-ridden king. The decision to sacrifice his wife haunts Viserys until the very last moments of his life, and it turns out that it also served as the main source of inspiration for how Considine played this character in the following episodes.

Episode 8 ends with Viserys’ death after a long and terrible battle with a form of leprosy. The character takes his last breath and utters a heartbreaking last line (brilliantly improvised by Considine): “My love.” A message intended for his late wife Emma, whom we met (and said goodbye to) back in the tragic first episode. Now that Paddy Considine’s time on the series has come to an end, the actor took to his Instagram to write a heartfelt message to his fans and his partner in the film HOTD, who played Viserys’ wife:

I want to give a lot of love and respect to [Brooke Sian], who only came for a few days, but changed the course of my character with her brilliant acting and dedication to work. The impact stayed with me until my last improvised words. She opened up the missing piece of the puzzle for me and allowed my story to come full circle. From the moment she dies, Viserys also dies.

Considine believes that Sian’s portrayal of Emma was part of the puzzle that helped him build his view of Viserys. Although the time of the King’s first wife in the series is short, her influence is felt throughout all eight episodes with Considine’s participation. The death of the Targaryen queens makes the ruler vulnerable to other players’ attempts to seize power when they play Game of Thrones.

The House of the Dragon had an uphill battle when it premiered on the stacked 2022 TV schedule due to high expectations. It was a long-awaited prequel and the first of several planned spin-offs of the franchise, which will be a continuation of the less than well-received final season of Game of Thrones.

Despite this, the series has made HBO history since its premiere on August 21. The popularity of the series is constantly growing, largely, I think, thanks to the clever script, focused on the characters, and actors like Paddy Considine, who bring extraordinary humanity to the series. their roles. The Hot Fuzz actor brought a level of empathy to the King that we haven’t seen in Game of Thrones yet, and he will be sorely missed. However, Considine’s departure means that the real Dragon Dance can begin. There will be a lot of blood and fire. So, buckle up.

“House of the Dragon” airs on Sundays at 21:00. EST, and can be watched on an HBO Max subscription.


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